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Wine Tasting - Top 4 Winter Wines

Is your crock-pot sitting hidden inside one of your cabinets? It's time to take it out! A crock-pot, or slow cooker, is an efficient, energy-saving, and time-saving little (or big!) item. It can really reduce stress in the kitchen. It also allows you to easily serve home-cooked, healthy meals to your family.

From time to time we will cook lamb on the grill or we will cook fish on the grill. I cook the fish on the grill in a grill basket to help keep it from breaking apart. We usually cook a slow cooked leg of lamb in white wine on the grill for just the two of us. We have a fabulous recipe for grilled Lamb Shoulder with Honey that we like very much.

You can also stir in some chopped green chilies if you like. Transfer the mixture into a greased slow cooked leg of lamb three and a half quart crockpot and cover. Cook for two and a half hours on high.

The first meal involved beef stew slow cooker leg of lamb cooked leg of lamb with soft wheat kernels and merguez (a spicy lamb sausage) accompanied by a dill pickle. The wine was mouth-filling and showed great balance. It tasted of plums. It kept its power in the presence of Turkish harissa, a spicy condiment. I tasted some tobacco. The wine was moderately long.

The head goat (goats have a pecking order like all social animals), whose name is Sweetie, decided that she did not want the lambs to think they were so special, since they were getting so much leg of lamb bone soup from us humans. So she did what goats do -- she banged one of the lambs to the ground with her horns.

When your chicken is cooked remove and let cool. The chicken should be tender enough to break apart with your bare hands. The next step will be to remove the meat from the skin and bone and place in another container. The remaining skin and bone will go back in your slow cooker for a couple more hours to extract all the flavor.

Post by michael1926 (2018-05-18 16:05)

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